4 guests

Cabin 1 - Minnow

This is a favorite cabin for a couple or small group located next to the lake.

Discover Minnow

6 guests

It is an honor to lie your head next to the likes of a more than 300-year-old White Pine

Discover Pine

6 guests

Tucked away between towering pines and set back from the lake, this cabin offers a feeling of seclusion and privacy. 

Discover Bear

6 guests

Quaint little cabin on the hill with a fabulous view of the bay and a deck that puts you among the trees.

Discover Otter

8 guests

This cabin is a true favorite with panoramic views of the lake and a rustic charm that takes you back to your youth.

Discover Owl

6 guests

Located up on the hill, this cabin features a stunning view overlooking the lake.

Discover Hummingbird

13 guests

This large group cabin has 4 bedrooms (3 downstairs, 1 upstairs), a large deck, and its own dock!
Perfect for a large family/friend group get-away.

Discover Eagle

12 guests

This large group cabin gets you up close and personal with the lake.  Situated among the cattails, it gives you a front row view of the morning sunrise over the lake and a large private deck that puts you steps away from the dock.

Discover Cabin 9

9 guests

Conveniently located close to the lodge and the docks, it provides easy access to a beer at our bar or minnows in the dock house.

Discover Beaver